The Master Arsonist

MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014

God’s will is for you to be holy, so stay away from all sexual sin.—1 Thessalonians 4:3, NLT

When wildfires swept through Southern California one fall a few years ago, I noticed a photograph in the newspaper of an entire neighborhood that had been leveled by the fires. All that was left were the foundations. In the midst of all the burned, charred rubble stood one house that remained completely untouched, even by smoke. This gleaming white house stood in stark contrast to all of the ruin around it.

When asked why his house was left standing when all the others fell, the homeowner explained how he had taken great care to make his house flame-retardant. This included double-paned windows, thick stucco walls, sealed eaves, concrete tile, and abundant insulation. Firefighters said, “It made it clear to us that this would be a place to make a stand.” This man went the extra mile, and as a result, his house survived when the fires came.

Satan, a master arsonist, is causing massive devastation today. Our country is being devastated by the wildfires of immorality. It destroys homes. It devastates families. And if we aren’t careful, we could become its next victims.

The writer of Proverbs asked, “Can a man scoop a flame into his lap and not have his clothes catch on fire?” (6:27 NLT). The answer is no. Fire can burn out of control so easily.

If we as believers allow temptation to infiltrate our lives and allow our sinful natures to prevail, we could fall, as surely as a fire spreads by putting gasoline on it. But if we take practical steps to guard ourselves and to stay close to the Lord, then we don’t have to fall.

Let’s go the extra mile to protect our homes and our lives against the wildfires of immorality.

Today’s devotional is an excerpt from Every Day with Jesus by Greg Laurie, 2013 

Radio Program: “The God of Second Chances — I”
TV Program: “Dealing with Doubt, Part 2”
Bible Reading: Judges 9-10, Psalm 49, 1Corinthians 16


Used by permission from Harvest Ministries with Greg Laurie, PO Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514


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