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The Sadness of Christmas

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I titled this post “The Sadness of Christmas” because of the articles that appeared about people fighting over Black Friday deals.  Check out these videos.

This is not what Christmas is about. It is not a time to beat your fellow man because they have grabbed the last electronic item in the store. It is not a time to spend more money than you can afford for people who won’t remember in a month what you gave them.

It is sad to see how commercialized Christmas has become. We have forgotten the greatest gift of all is Jesus. He came to this earth so that we could have life. Christmas is about remembering His birth and celebrating His birth. It is a time for peace, love, and joy. It is a time for sharing and caring and not for fighting. Remember Jesus is reason for the season. It is not about spending and buying stuff. Stuff will disappear, but Jesus is forever.

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