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The Unopened Gift

Every year, one gift is left unopened at Christmas time. The unopened gift does not necessarily have to be opened only on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. This gift can be opened any day of the year. Yet, billions of people around the world won’t open it. This gift is the best gift in the world. It will transform your life. However, many refuse to open it. They are afraid of opening it. They don’t think they need this gift. Maybe, they don’t know that the gift exists.

You see this gift does not come wrapped in fancy paper with an even fancier bow. It does not glimmer or shine. It does not rattle or roll. It is a very simple gift. However, for those who dare to open it, it transforms them from the inside out. This gift comes from the One who loves you more than anyone ever can or ever will. This gift is a gift from God. He gives it freely. There are no strings attached. All He wants you to do is to open it. Open your heart, repent from your sin, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and turn your life over to God.

Do not leave this precious gift unopened another second. Take a few seconds of your life and accept God’s eternal blessing. You will have eternal life in Heaven and not an eternal life in Hell. Open that gift.

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