To spend or not to spend?

Our Congress continues to debate raising our Nation’s debt ceiling. The President only wants to spend money and raise taxes. It’s time that the American people stood up and said, “ENOUGH!” Stop spending our children’s future. Our nation is financially bankrupt. Yet, the President, the Democrats, the Liberals, and some Republicans still want to spend more money.

We need to cut spending. Do away with or severely cut social programs, eliminate give-aways to foreign nations, eliminate subsidies to farmers, and to oil companies, repeal Obamacare, eliminate Welfare, and I’m sorry but we probably need to raise the retirement age. The federal government has some really stupid policies in place when it comes to how agencies can spend money. The agencies must buy items off some approved GSA vendor list, even if the product is less expensive from another seller that is not on the list. GSA itself is ripe with inaction. An agency has to pay GSA to negotiate for them whether it’s for buying furniture, leasing a building, or building a building. GSA takes years to get this done. How is that an efficient use of yours and my taxpayer dollars. The military has the same stupid restrictions, which is why you hear about about them buying a hammer for $250.

What is America’s largest problem? Unemployment is the largest problem. Without a job, people lose their homes; they cannot pay their bills; they cannot feed their families; taxes cannot be collected from them if there is no money coming in. This in turn decreases the revenue for our nation. As a result, our economy stagnates. We need jobs. We need to stop exporting our jobs to foreign nations. I’ve said it before if a company wants to have their goods manufactured aboard, then when they bring it back to the states, tax it at 100%. Believe me that will get their attention. It will be too expensive to have their products made by foreign nations. They will then start producing/manufacturing the products here. People will get hired and the economy gets stimulated. More jobs = more money = more taxes.

I am all for a national sales tax. If this was assessed on everything, except medical care and medicine, the nation’s treasury/coffers would be significantly increased. No one would be able to evade taxes. There would be no loopholes in the tax code that billionaires and large corporations could use to not pay taxes.

Read this article from CNN and see what our “great” leaders are proposing.



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