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Give new hope to Gospel for Asia’s unsponsored children …

God has blessed GFA’s Bridge of Hope children’s outreach ministry beyond anything we could have imagined. From Sri Lanka to the northern and eastern reaches of the Indian Subcontinent, we have been given the privilege of bringing the love of Jesus Christ to more than 72,000 boys and girls now enrolled in our Bridge of Hope centers and schools.

Most of the children are Dalits—the “Untouchables”—who are considered lower than animals by the caste system, and who, for generations, have never had the opportunity to go to school.

But by God’s grace, through their sponsors and the Bridge of Hope program, they are receiving:

  • The message of Jesus’ love
  • A quality education
  • School uniforms
  • Medical care
  • Nutritious meals

Unfortunately, as children are brought into the program, there is a delay between the time the boys and girls are enrolled and when permanent sponsors can be enlisted for them. As a result, we are praying for special friends to make one-time gifts to our Unsponsored Children’s Fund. This will allow us to provide the benefits of the Bridge of Hope program to the children while they await sponsors. Help give these boys and girls a new life built on the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

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