US a Heretic Nation

Never did I imagine that the US would be a heretic nation. This nation was founded by Christians. Our forefathers were God loving and God fearing men. Our Constitution was based on Christian principles. Now, everything these brave men fought for is being thrown out the window. We are becoming like the Romans and Greeks. We are accepting immorality as morality. What was once considered wrong is now right and what was once right is now wrong. Why and when did this happen?

It’s not too hard to figure out why it happened. It happened because we’ve systematically “kicked” God out of our lives. He is no longer welcomed in our government, our schools, and even in business. Some Christian churches are refusing to preach the full Gospel for fear of offending someone. Some are accepting homosexuals as preachers. God’s Word is the only truth!

When did it happen? It happened gradually. It started in the 60’s with free love and everything that generation embraced.This is the generation that is in power now. They are the ones in the three branches of government,legislative, executive, and judicial branch. Now, I’m not saying that everyone of that generation adheres to those standards.Some of us still value God, family, and country. We still believe that the Bible is God’s unerring Word. However, we have let the minority start making crucial changes to our laws and to our children’s education.

Our nation used to be great. We used to hold high standards. We don’t now. Watch this video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


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