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What is Godonomics?

What is Godonomics? Up until yesterday, I had never heard of Godonomics. However, after going to the Godonomics web site, I found out what it is. It’s economics God’s way.

The web site offers a few clips/snippets of the Godonomics teaching series. After watching them, I felt that I needed to buy the series. The DVD’s run $24.95. There is also a Leader’s Guide and a workbook to go along with the series.

After I review the DVD’s, I might go ahead and order the leader’s guide. It might be something we can put on at our church. You see our church’s leadership wants it’s members to be debt-free. I run financial seminars at our church and counsel people who are in financial distress.

Anyway back to Godonomics, I recommend that you take a few moments and check out their site. It offers wonderful insight.


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