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Where to find dental insurance?

What happens when your employer cuts out dental insurance for you? Are you prepared to shoulder the entire cost? How can you protect your family’s dental care? Unfortunately, many employers are finding it necessary to cut back on employee benefits. One such benefit being cut is dental coverage. This means that the employees and their families are left without dental care.

The employee now has to pay the full cost of dental care or find an alternate insurance plan. Dental insurance like medical insurance can be expensive. However, there is a place to try and find low-cost dental insurance. Check out the National Association of Dental Plans.

This association has companies that sign-up to offer dental coverage. An individual looking for dental coverage can go the the site and do an Organization Directory Search. On the site’s home page, you select “Find Dental Plan”. Then, you select your state from a drop-down box and dental benefits from another drop-down box. After that, you receive a list of the insurance companies that are offering individual dental plans in your state and brief description of their services. There is also a link to the company’s web site. Unfortunately, the cost of the coverage is not shown on this page.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes. This site is not affiliated with NADP or any insurance company. Nor is any remuneration provided by NADP or any insurance company. The use of NADP by you is entirely at your own risk.”

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