Why do we shop?

What a stupid question you might have said when you read, “Why do we shop?” I know that we very often shop because we need food, clothing, or other items. However, I am not referring to shopping for necessities. I am referring to shopping for our wants and desires.

Oftentimes, we are shopping for our wants and desires, even though we know we cannot afford them. Why do we shop? We shop for these items because it often makes us feel good for the moment. We feel in control because we can walk in fill our wants and desires.

Unfortunately, we often “pay” for these wants and desires with our credit cards. Then, when the bill comes we have “buyer remorse” because we realize that we cannot in fact afford these items.

The best way to avoid buyer’s remorse is to:

  1. Cut-up your credit cards;
  2. Leave your ATM/debit card at home;
  3. Shop with a list and stick to the list;
  4. Avoid impulse items;
  5. Keep track of your expenses;
  6. Finally, stick to your budget.


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