Will the government shut down in September?

It seems that every year about this time our elected officials begin talking about raising the debt ceiling in an effort to keep our federal government running. Unlike most Americans who work hard to live within their means, the government continues its out-of-control spending, relying on borrowing ever more money to cover its irresponsibility.

Stuart Shepard and I discuss this issue on the most recent CitizenLink Report. Click here to watch.

You may remember in February when deep cuts known as the “sequester” were about to kick in. The Obama administration blamed Republicans and said the cuts would affect all Americans. In order to drive that point home, it began shutting down popular items such as public fireworks displays, tours of the White House, air traffic controllers’ hours, and other services that average Americans would certainly feel.

Recently, it was announced that some of those cuts were being “adjusted.” The Associated Press reported that the administration would now be shifting money from “lower priority accounts to more vital operations.” Wouldn’t it have made more sense to cut the lower priority items first?

Our leaders told us the sequester would be dreadful–so dreadful that members of Congress and the President surely would agree to the necessary budget discipline to avoid the pain. Well, they didn’t agree. And the sequester kicked in. And about that pain—it wasn’t enough to keep the budget deficit down and here we are again. Shortly after Labor Day the federal government will run out of money unless the debt ceiling is raised beyond its present level of $16.7 trillion.

I encourage you to listen carefully to the upcoming debate. Only sensible and substantial cuts in spending – and steps toward a balanced budget — will cure what ails us.

I don’t believe that the government will shut down in September, but our elected leaders must understand that the only path to lasting change when it comes to the debt is to stop the spending spree.

Your prayers for our elected officials are always appreciated!

For Faith and Family,


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