Work the ground

“So the Lord God sent them out of the Garden of Eden, where they would have to work the ground from which the man had been made. – Genesis 3:22 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

This is actually our fifth verse of financial stewardship. I got ahead of myself yesterday and said that Genesis 4:2-5 was our fifth financial stewardship verse. Here we see that God has exiled Adam and Eve from paradise. Now, they have to work the ground from which man was made. Hard work again enters the picture for humanity. There is no more easy living for them and neither is there easy living for us. We were made in God’s image, but through disobedience to Him, we earned the “privilege” of hard work.

Don’t you wish that you did not have to work? Or that we could just relax and pick our fruit without having to worry about planting, weeding, watering it, fertilizing it, and whatever else is involved with growing our food? God would take care of it all, just as He did in the beginning. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury until we die and go home. While we are on this earth, we need to work the ground.


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