You should never

There are some financial things you should never do. They are:

  1. You should never co-sign a loan, not even for a relative or a best friend.
  2. You should never live above your means.
  3. You should never spend more than you make.
  4. You should never use credit cards to cover your shortfalls.
  5. You should never carry a credit card balance.
  6. You should never borrow money against a 40l(k).
  7. You should never borrow money for investments.
  8. You should never buy a house if you don’t have 20% to put down, enough money to cover closing costs, a fully-funded emergency fund, and are fully funding your retirement account.
  9. You should never finance a car for longer than three years.
  10. You should never let a friend or relative use your credit card or have access to information that can allow them to open loans or credit cards in your name.
  11. You should never buy any other life insurance except term-life insurance.
  12. You should never steal from God by not tithing cheerfully.
  13. You should never  invest in anything that you do not understand.
  14. You should never become involved in get rich quick schemes.
  15. You should never lease a car.
  16. You should never use a payday loan.
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