What is a FICO score?

What is FICO? FICO stands for Fair Isaacs Corporation. In 1989, the Fair Isaacs Corporation and Equifax developed the score. To calculate your score, the system awards points for each factor that can help predict the likelihood of a person repaying debts on time. These points are totaled to generate your credit score. The score […]

National Disaster

National disaster – when you read those words what comes to mind? Is it the US’ budget deficit, the raising of the debt ceiling, the floods, or the earthquakes happening in the US? Those are all national disasters, but to me the largest and by far the worst national disaster is the change in the […]

Sharing a story

For those of you who are seeing some of their darkest hours because of their current financial crisis, I want you to read an article by Todd Temple and his journey out of debt. His personal journey should offer you encouragement, hope, and maybe a means to climb out of the mountain of debt. Due […]