ROTH IRA vs 401(k)

The second image links to site’s article about common retirement mistakes. 

Lessons From the Shutdown: Why Having Emergency Savings is Vital for Feds

emergency savings

As the partial government shutdown comes to an end, there are some federal employees who may find themselves in a financial bind. Although legislation has already been passed to guarantee back pay, if there is no money being deposited in your bank account, you may still have a problem on your hands.

529 Plans


You can invest in a  529 plans for your children, grandchildren, and even yourself. They  are an excellent tax-advantaged way to invest money for college education.  The tax advantages are usually a deduction from your state taxes.

Never Broke Again

Never Broke Again

  Limitless Published on Nov 21, 2017 SUBSCRIBE 1K The Power of belief – NEVER BROKE AGAIN whit Lisa Nichols and Tom Bilyeu. Lisa Nichols talks about her amazing transformation from broke to the 1% richest in America. Do not forget to see other teaching and inspiration talks such as . Link to Tom Bilyeu youtube […]

50 And Nothing Saved For Retirement: What To Do, Where To Start

A plan of action for those who are approaching retirement age with little saved. I get some really interesting reader mail through the Contact page. By far the most common question I get is a variant of the below: I’m 53 years old and through a combination of unforeseen medical expenses/helping ailing parents/life kicking me […]

Your retirement, not their college

As you go on about life, you need to think about your retirement, not their college. Your retirement is your responsibility. You only get one shot at funding it. Why? Because you won’t be able to work your entire lifetime. Old age, and possibly illness will force you to retire. If you have not saved […]

You’re never too old

You’re never too old to save. Today, I read an article about a woman who at the age 50 realized she needed to make a change. At that point in her life, she had $20,000 in medical bills and an additional $20,000 in credit card debt. She had zero in savings and retirement. Initially, she […]

Using cable TV to save money

Some of you might think that using cable TV to save money is not accurate. However, you need to understand that this means you are to take the money you are spending on your monthly cable TV bill and save it. Cable TV prices have risen 30% in the past five years. How much do […]