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Sometimes it feels like the world wants us to cover up the light of Jesus’ hope in our lives.

But the good news is, thousands of students have decided to stand up for what they believe in a very unique and redemptive way.

They’re choosing to let God’s light—His Word—shine before their friends and peers when they participle in “Bring Your Bible to School Day” on Oct. 8.

“Bring Your Bible to School Day” is less than a week away—on Thursday, Oct. 8—and last year, an estimated 8,000 students participated. We know a student’s courage grows when they see other students participating, so our goal is for the number of engaged students to triple this year!


Thriving Values
Do you know students with a heart for God’s word?
Then they’ll love Bring Your Bible to School Day, a free-speech event for students on Oct. 8, sponsored by Focus on the Family.
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1) WATCH & SHARE: Share the sneak preview of our brand new “Bring Your Bible to School Day” commercial (see below)! And, be sure to watch our commercial on national television when it airs on the “Fox & Friends” morning news show (6-9 a.m. EST) from Monday Oct. 5 through Wednesday, Oct. 7. You can also view the commercial on the “Hannity” cable show starting at 10 p.m. EST.
Thriving Values
You can help spread the word and make this an unforgettable national day of encouragement for Christian students to feel confident in their religious-freedom rights. Here are four easy ways to engage:

2) DOWNLOAD & SHARE: Share the free participation guides with students, parents and pastors in your life! Elementary, teen and parent/pastor editions of the “how-to” guide are available. But don’t delay—students need to start NOW to prepare for next week’s event. Download these free tools.

3) JOIN & SHARE: Join the conversation online and share our latestFacebook® and Twitter® updates with your social media circles. Be sure to use our hashtag, #BringYourBible!

4) PRAY & SHARE: Pray for these students and their families, and for the lives which will be impacted by God’s truth.

In John 1:5 (ESV), God encourages us, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” On Oct. 8, thousands of students will put that verse into real life action—boldly living out their faith in Christ. So join us in praying for them to be full of God’s love, compassion and boldness.

If your student is participating, please drop us a line. We’d love to hear about it! Email us at!


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