Mortgage Money for Veterans


Millions of veteran homeowners are getting huge savings on their monthly mortgage bill thanks to this little-known Government program, and not surprisingly banks aren’t too happy about that.

Shop Around

When you are ready to buy a home you need to shop around for the best mortgage you can get. You need to hunt for the best interest rate and best mortgage out there. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that about seven in 10 homebuyers only apply to one lender for their mortgage. That […]

Debt-to-Income Ratio

Knowing your debt-to-income ratio is very important. Lenders use it to know how much debt you qualify for. Let’s look at what is the debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. The DTI is your total debt divided by your total income. The ratio is best calculated monthly. For example, if your total monthly expenses are $3,900 and your  gross monthly income […]

Loaned money

Have you ever loaned money to friends or relatives? Or have either friends or relatives asked you to loan them money? Or perhaps you were the one asking for the loan.  If you loaned them money or borrowed money from friends or family, have you noticed that the relationship between you and them has changed? […]

$16 TRILLION – Fed Bails Out The World, 0% Interest and NO PAYBACK!

To read the GAO report, click here. l went to the Senator’s web site, I looked at the GAO report, and to the Standupamericaus web site as well. All three seem to have accurate information and it should make every American call their elected representative and have them hold the Fed accountable for this horrible situation. […]

Should you co-sign?


MRHerrera Financial Ministry Archives Contact Resources Scriptures Useful Articles Should you co-sign? Should you co-sign for a friend, a family member or your child? The answer is absolutely, positively, a resounding NO! The Federal Trade Commission conducted a study on this issue and found that 50% of those who co-signed for bank loans were stuck […]