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The U.S. consumerism is well known throughout the world. We make up only four percent of the world’s population. Yet, we operate one third of its automobiles.  As U.S. citizens, we consume one quarter of the world’s global energy supply(1). Is that an eye-opener?

When we stray from God’s Word, we bring damage upon ourselves. Look at the Bible verse below:

Listen, my son, be wise,
and steer your life on the right course.
Do not spend time with heavy wine drinkers
or those who gorge themselves on meat.
For both the drunk and glutton will end up broke,
sleeping life away, and clothed in rags. (Proverbs 23:19-21)

Did you notice that God says if we are a glutton, we will end up broke? Isn’t that where the U.S. is right now? We owe more money than ever before. Our national debt grows by $2.2 BILLION dollars a day!(2)

My friend, we as a nation, are broke. We have gorged ourselves and continue to gorge ourselves daily. You might be saying, “No way, not me.” Perhaps you’re one who doesn’t. However, think about how many cars , televisions, computers, cell phones, etc. you have. Then, tell me you are not gorging yourself. I admit I too am guilty of this gluttony. Maybe you don’t have these items in excess. Perhaps you are unemployed or are receiving welfare. Well, you are contributing to our nation’s debt. The entitlement programs that our nation pays for account for 64% of the total U.S. budget.(3) This budget item is classified as “Mandatory Spending.”

We need to stop this consumption, as Proverbs suggests, is an addictive lifestyle to be avoided. Gluttony ends in poverty. We need to start with our own households and get them under control. We need to stop excessive spending. We need to learn to live within our means and payoff debt. Our savings need to increase. We need to avoid debt. Debt is often a result of gluttony.

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