Football, money, and God

What a combination football, money, and God. I put these three items together because football fans can become very fanatical about their team.

They dress-up, paint their fans, and even their bodies in their teams colors. Some fans bet on their teams.


They spend money going to the game, by buying tickets, paying for parking, buying food and drinks from the concession stands, and some even have tailgate parties before the game. Their football becomes their idol. They stand-up and cheer as their team drives down the field. They yell at the refs when a call is made against their team. Their enthusiasm is over-the-top.

Some of these fans might be Christians. However, they don’t dress-up in their church’s colors. They don’t stand-up and cheer when the pastor delivers the sermon. Their enthusiasm for God is nowhere near to what they display for their football team. Why?

Does the Creator of all things not deserve our praise? Why can’t we be as fanatical about God as we are about football? Why do some begrudgingly put money into the offering tray, while they think nothing of spending money to go to the game or to buy their team’s jersey? Why do so many moan inwardly when the pastor starts speaking about tithing? The reason is that we have our priorities wrong. We are putting idols before God, in this case the football team. We are forgetting that it is not our money but God’s money. He only loans it to us while we are on this Earth. Then, He passes it on to someone else. Weigh your priorities and think about to whom your “fanship” should belong.


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