How To tackle holiday debt

before it begins

Ginita Wall, CPA, CFP®

As the air turns crisp and the leaves change color, you realize that the holidays are right around the corner. If you’re planning to celebrate this year, here are some ways to have a great time this holidayseason without breaking the bank.

  1. Budget: You knew I was going to start with the “B” word, didn’t you? As spontaneous and loving as we all like to be during the holidays, an enjoyable season starts with planning. Figure out how much you can spend this year, and don’t forget to include entertaining, decorations, cards, gifts travel costs and year-end tips to service providers.

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CAUTION: The last item on the list says it’s okay to use credit cards, as long as you can payoff the debt in a few months.

I strongly urge you to NOT take on any credit card debt. Use cash only. 



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