Own a Business? Use These Apps to Reach Your Goals and Increase Sales By the End of the Year

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Lisa Walker

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Apps make virtually every area of life easier, notes Style Caster. From learning a language to paying your bills, almost everything can be handled via a smartphone app. This is also true when it comes to running your business. If you are not yet utilizing the power of apps to make your day more efficient and enjoyable, now is the time to do so.


Not familiar with how you can use apps to your advantage? MRHerrera shares which types of business apps can help you reach your goals and increase sales by the end of the year.


Inventory tracking app

Nestell & Associates notes that ERP (or enterprise resource planning) applications are utilized for the automation and valuable insights they provide. Rather than tracking inventory manually or with a desktop computer program, there are now ERP for wholesale distribution apps. You can remotely track inventory, manage purchasing, oversee fulfillment, and much more. The right app will help you decrease pricing errors, improve purchasing efficiency, and make managing orders effortless. Additionally, when selling your products online, you should find a system that integrates with your chosen sales platform, such as Amazon and WooCommerce.


App to update your website

Whether you use Shopify or WordPress, most of the top website platforms offer smartphone apps. While these apps offer somewhat limited functionality, they allow you to make critical updates from anywhere in the world. Remotely add product descriptions, edit pricing, post your latest blog, and write new landing page content. This is super helpful when looking to make basic changes within minutes — and without a computer.


Another benefit of using an app to update your website is that you can avoid having to pay a website designer to make edits each time you need to make changes. By learning how to use a fairly simplistic program, you can save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars each year.


Logo/graphic maker apps

Think you have to pay a graphic designer each time you need creative graphics for your website or social media pages? Now, you no longer have to, thanks to helpful design apps. Using top-rated logo/graphic maker apps, you can turn pre-designed templates into the exact graphics you need to make your business a success. In minutes, you can create posters, social media ads, logos, and anything else you can dream up. For instance, Adobe’s Instagram post maker allows you to use free editable templates to tell your business’s story in a variety of ways. Add your creative flair with images, unique fonts, and elements, or add your words onto fully designed templates.


Apps that promote focus

On top of using apps for specific business tasks, you can also use them to develop your business-related skills. An incredibly valuable skill for entrepreneurs to have is focus. Being able to concentrate on the task at hand can save you time and effort and boost your overall efficiency. Focus-promoting apps provide proven strategies for honing your abilities, including scheduled breaks, task management, Apple Watch integration, and daily statistics. 


Delivery platform apps

Running errands — for your personal and business life — can take hours out of your week. Nowadays, you can get almost anything delivered within 1-2 hours for a small fee. Figure out how much time you are spending on running various errands each week. From there, begin using today’s top delivery apps to have groceries, office supplies, pet supplies, and more sent directly to you.


Strategically increasing your app usage has numerous benefits for your business. Start saving time, money, and effort right away by utilizing smartphone apps to the fullest.


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