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In this day and age when the economy is bad and almost all of us have to watch where our money goes, it is wise to take advantage of rebates. Staples has one of the best rebate programs around. They use easyrebates. When you buy an item from Staples and it has a rebate, you go online, enter the your information, the rebate number, and the sales receipt number. You can select either a rebate credit card or a check to be sent. After a few weeks, you get your check or your card. Personally, I prefer the check. I tried the card once and I kept forgetting to use it. Then, when I did use it, I forgot to write down how much I had left, so I had to check it online or at the register. After that, check for me please.

Anyway, the rebates save you money provided the rebate company processes your rebate and sends you your money. I am very upset with the Wolverine rebate processor. A couple of months back, I bought the Wolverine negative scanner. I have a ton of negatives that I need to scan in and convert to digital. Getting back to the rebate. I dutifully filled out the form, cut out the UPC seal off the box and mailed it all in. I also had to go online and submit it there as well. I received an email saying the email portion had been received. Guess what? I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY MONEY! One word comes to mind, RIPOFF REBATE. Okay, that’s two words but you get my drift.

Companies love rebates almost as much as they love gift cards. Why? Simple, most people either don’t bother mailing it in or the rebate check never gets mailed out or people wait too long and by the time they get around to filling everything out the rebate redemption period has expired. The company gets to keep the full purchase price.

I thought about talking about gift cards and why they are such a cash cow for the retailers, but this post is about rebates. Therefore, I’ll stop here and do another post later on gift cards.

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