Should Christian Parents Talk Money with Our Kids?

As Christian parents, it's important to help our children develop a healthy relationship with money.
Should Christian Parents Talk To Kids About Money?

As Christian parents, it’s important to help our children develop a healthy relationship with money. Financial literacy is a crucial life skill that can impact their future success and well-being. However, many parents feel uncomfortable discussing money matters with their children. Some believe it’s a taboo topic, while others simply don’t know where to start.

The truth is, Christians should talk money with their kids. We can use biblical principles to help them understand the importance of responsible money management, giving back to others, and avoiding the temptations of materialism. This doesn’t mean our children need to know all the details of our finances, but it does mean creating opportunities to teach and model wise money practices.

Some practical ways to start talking money with our kids include setting up a savings plan, involving them in budgeting and shopping decisions, and encouraging them to give to charitable causes. We can also use teachable moments, such as discussing the difference between needs and wants, debt management, and the power of contentment. By taking the time to talk money with our kids, we can help them grow into financially responsible adults who honor God with their finances.


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