“Noah farmed the land and was the first to plant a vineyard.” – Genesis 9:20 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Our seventh verse of our financial stewardship refers again to Noah. Noah was the first man to plant a vineyard. This leads me to conclude that through Noah alcohol entered into mankind’s lives. Another thing that can cause great harm to many who become alcoholic or cause accidents by driving drunk, sometimes even killing or injuring innocent victims, was delivered up from a land that God cursed.

This does not mean that everything that comes out of the land is cursed. If this was so, we would have died long ago. All I’m saying is a cursed land will sometimes yield bad fruit. We need to be aware of the bad fruit.

From a financial standpoint, we see that Noah is working. He is farming his land and growing crops. Work did not disappear with the flood.

Noah planted a vineyard that yielded grapes. Grapes are a good fruit. However, Noah made wine from the grapes. We see that just as money, fruit can be turned into good things (grapes and grape juice) or into not so good things, alcohol.

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