Financial Future

financial future

Image via PNGEgg Your financial future is something you need to think about. Let’s look at how you are doing. The Minimum: Ensure that you are getting the full employer match on your 401(k); Name or update the beneficiary(ies) on all your accounts; Diversify your investment portfolio to match your goals and your risk tolerance; […]

Financial Goals

Financial Goals 1

I did not create this financial goals image. It comes from Pinterest.

Financial difficulties

Financial difficulties

This year has certainly proven to be a year filled with financial difficulties for many people. Some of you might be experiencing fear, guilt, uncertainty, and

You Can’t Take It with You: Transferring Cryptocurrency After Death

Currently making the rounds in the financial world is a story about a Colorado man who died suddenly this year, leaving behind a Bitcoin investment worth a small fortune. The problem: his family didn’t know about the account until after his death and had no idea how to access the funds. Unexpected deaths, especially intestate ones, often […]

The Two Metrics You Must Track To Do Well Financially

As you kick your financial planning into the next gear, the key to your success is building momentum. One of the best ways to build momentum is seeing the direct results of your efforts translate into higher numbers in your bank account. Tracking just two numbers on a monthly basis will help you stay focused […]

Don’t die intestate

Please don’t die intestate. This means that you die without a will. Bad things happen to your relatives when you die intestate. According to Forbes: “If you die intestate–meaning without a proper will or living trust–your assets will be divvied up according to the law in the state where you live… Some states have stuck to […]

Retirement Choices

How you retire is entirely up to you. No one cares more about your money than you do. Just as with everything in life, you have retirement choices. You can choose to retire comfortably or you can opt for one of three other choices. Let’s look at each choice: Choice 1: The Terrifying Retirement – […]

Retirement mistakes

In order for you to have a successful retirement, you need to avoid making the following mistakes: Emotion. Do not make your financial decisions based on how you feel. Feelings are great for expressing emotion, but are a disaster in financial planning. Giving into fear or conversely, greed will destroy your retirement fund. When you are investing […]

Financial Progress

If you have tried once, twice, or a hundred times to make financial progress and failed, you are not alone. In fact, inside each and every person is a Saboteur or Inner Critic that under the guise of protecting us, actually prevents us from moving forward not only financially but in our everyday lives. In […]