Samaritan Ministries Health Care Sharing

Another option for Christians looking for healthcare insurance is Samaritan Ministries.

Samaritan Ministries’ members have been sharing one another’s medical needs for 20 years, without using health insurance, through a Biblical model of community among believers. Samaritan members do not share in abortions and other unbiblical practices.

Samaritan Ministries is another healthcare sharing ministry. The Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries has the following information about these type of healthcare options.:

A health care sharing ministry (HCSM) provides a health care cost sharing arrangement among persons of similar and sincerely held beliefs. HCSMs are operated by not-for-profit religious organizations acting as a clearinghouse for those who have medical expenses and those who desire to share the burden of those medical expenses.

  • HCSMs receive no funding or grants from government sources.
  • HCSMs are not insurance companies. HCSM do not assume any risk or guarantee the payment of any medical bill. Twenty-nine states have explicitly recognized this and specifically exempt HCSMs from their insurance codes.
  • HCSMs serve more than 480,000 people, with participating households in all fifty states.
  • HCSMs’ participants share more than $430 million per year for one another’s health care costs.
  • HCSMs strive to be accessible to participants regardless of their income, because traditionally shares are a fraction of the cost of insurance rates.

They also have a comparison of Samaritan Ministries and Medi-Share.

(The links to healthcaresharing’s web site have been removed because it appears to have been hacked.)


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