A new way

There’s a new way to handle your student loans. There’s a company called SoFi who offers better rates for student loans, home mortgages, and personal loans. Some of you might have a ton of high interest rate student loans. You need to refinance these to lower interest rate loans. According to SoFi’s web site, Make […]

Refinancing College Loans

For many college graduates, college loans are a terrible burden. Refinancing college loans into loans with affordable rates is next to impossible. However, SoFi founder and CEO Mike Cagney has created a wonderful solution to this problem. SoFi is a social lending platform that brings together student loan borrowers, alumni and institutional investors. What makes it unique […]

Should you co-sign?


MRHerrera Financial Ministry Archives Contact Resources Scriptures Useful Articles Should you co-sign? Should you co-sign for a friend, a family member or your child? The answer is absolutely, positively, a resounding NO! The Federal Trade Commission conducted a study on this issue and found that 50% of those who co-signed for bank loans were stuck […]

How to Pay-Off Your Mortgage Early

How to Pay-Off Your Mortgage Early involves discipline and commitment. I know because our mortgage was paid-in-full last month. We took out our mortgage to build our home in 2000. Initially, we had to do a 30-year-loan, as rates were high and our money was not. In 2003, we refinanced to a 15-year-loan. Then, in […]

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending (P2PL), do you know exactly what that is? Until today, I must admit that I had never heard of it. Yes, I have heard of peer-to-peer sharing, which in my mind, for the most part is the illegal sharing of copyrighted material. Anyway back to P2PL, what I found was that […]