Is an allowance welfare?

I bet you never thought of your children’s allowance as welfare. Think about it welfare gives you money when you don’t work, so does an allowance. In the US it’s common practice to  give our children money as an allowance. You might be saying,” What’s wrong with that? I love my children, a few dollars […]

Finances for the surviving spouse

Finances for the surviving spouse sounds rather ominous. Why? Because we are saying that our husband or wife for the past umpteen years is now gone. When that happens we want to make sure the surviving spouse knows how to handle money. It is extremely important for couples to sit down together and talk about […]

To spend or not to spend?

Our Congress continues to debate raising our Nation’s debt ceiling. The President only wants to spend money and raise taxes. It’s time that the American people stood up and said, “ENOUGH!” Stop spending our children’s future. Our nation is financially bankrupt. Yet, the President, the Democrats, the Liberals, and some Republicans still want to spend […]